TCHM Course Details

The Two Counties Half Marathon course is mainly run on country roads in picturesque rural North Northamptonshire and South Leicestershire. The course takes in the villages of Ashley, Medbourne, Drayton, Bringhurst, Cottingham, and Middleton before the final incline into the finish at East Carlton Park.

Water stations

The water stations on the course will be located at approx. 3 Miles, 6 Miles and 9 Miles.

Mile Markers

Markers are situated at every mile on the course, together with water station and caution runners signage.

First aid and emergencies

A large team of St.John Ambulance paramedics and medical support staff will provide our medical support on the day. There will be multiple first aid stations along the course, assisting runners who may need basic medical attention. There will be medical cover at every water station. Any casualties will be treated at the nearest medical station to them but any serious cases will be transported to the finish or onwards to the nearest A&E; at Kettering General Hospital if deemed necessary by the medical team.

Walkers and slower participants

We appreciate that there might be times you need to walk or are moving slower than other participants. We are only allowed to maintain some traffic restrictions for a certain period of time, it is envisaged that all participants will have completed the course in 3h 30m. If at any point you do need to proceed at walking pace, please keep to the side and allow participants to pass you safely. Do not stop in the middle of the road, because you will frustrate other road users and may cause an accident.

Dropping out

If you have to drop out, please find the nearest First Aid point and let them know your race number. Once you have identified yourself here, you can then wait to be collected by a member of our team or make your own way back to the finish as a pedestrian if you wish. You will still be able to collect your kit bag, please find the information point in the event village where the team will be able to reunite you with your kit bag.

Headphones, Music Players, Mobile Phones etc.

Headphones are not to be worn by participants during this event, including earphones with bone conduction technology. It is important that participants are able to hear what is happening around them, including marshals, First Aid staff and other road users. Participants seen wearing headphones will be politely asked to remove them, if this is ignored then the participants will be disqualified from the race, their chip time and finishing place will be cancelled, they will not be entitled to a finishers medal or commemorative t-shirt. No refunds will be given for participants wearing headphones who are disqualified from the race.

Course Measurement

The course is measured by an approved measurement body and any certification will be displayed at the information point at the start/finish.