Couch to 5k

Welcome to the D.R.R.C Couch to 5K course (C25k). The Course is designed for complete beginners and returning runners and split up into 18 sessions to allow you to progress comfortably through to running the whole 5K.

One of the main mistakes people make is starting off too fast which usually leads to them losing motivation and then giving up completely. The course we run introduces you to running gradually, giving you time to adapt and get fitter as you progress.

We’ll also be teaching you to run more efficiently and giving you hints and tips as we progress so that your journey from the couch is an achievable, and enjoyable one.

The course Leaders have all passed the English Athletics – Leader in Run Fitness course and will be able to help you with questions that may arise as you go through the course.

What Comes After C25K?

Having completed the course you can go on with the club and progress your running to where ever you want to go

The Club meets twice weekly – Tuesday nights are strength and fitness training sessions which aim to build your confidence and develop your running. Thursdays we have a group run, splitting into small groups you can run varying distances and paces to suit your progress, we also offer a progression course where you can go from 5k to 10k.

Along with the Run Leaders the club members have experience in running distances from 5k through 10k, Half and Full marathons and onto Ultra Marathons.